Sunday, May 18, 2014

Little Man Mustache Bash First Birthday Party

This week my son turns 1. I can remember the day he was born like it was yesterday - it is so hard to believe how fast time flies and how much he's grown! Naturally, I had to plan an epic bash - and I decided pretty early on that it would be a little man MUSTACHE BASH! Well, now that the day is over, I can say with certainty that it was a true success! I was so pleased with the results and all the hard work I put into this party over the last several months really paid off.
Not to mention, I met some really great product vendors in the process and created some great things that I can post to my Etsy shop!!

A few of the highlights that I really liked about this party were the bow tie cookie decorating station, Pin the mustache on the Mick and the Photobooth. I rigged up my Nikon 5100 with a remote trigger, laid out some mustache and bow tie props and hung up a mustache backdrop - it was pretty cool! The rest was just in the details.
Please feel free to Pin and share this page - I would love if others are inspired by this fun theme I chose. Please share images of your party if this inspired you. And if you live in Wisconsin and are interested in having me photograph your event, please visit!

Most of the printed products can be found at my Etsy shop BabbleheadsPaper and I can customize colors if you want a different color scheme! If you want a different theme, I can custom design something for you via an e-mail or over the phone consultation. Just let me know what you're looking for!
The awesome mustache backdrop was provided by PartySquare who has many more beautiful backdrops for use in photograph sessions, food table backdrops, photo booth backgrounds and whatever else you can dream up to use a backdrop for. If you're in the market for a backdrop, visit their Etsy shop!
The striped, paper straws were from PuppyCatCrafts on Etsy. This was my first experience and I have to say they were excellent quality and matched our theme perfectly!
The chocolate mustache pops were from Chocolaterie Stam: Fine European Chocolates. Not only did they look amazing, but they tasted fabulous! (And they ship!)


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