Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pocket Full of Posies

Since joining the blogger world, I've recently discovered the world of blog giveaways! I had no idea how many blogs host giveaways with products sponsored by different companies! Of course I was determined to win SOMETHING in this world of giveaway blogs, so I started entering them left and right. As I was looking for giveaways on blogs, I discovered that sellers on Etsy also host giveaways.
Etsy is where I won my first (and only) giveaway prize from Posies and Petals. It was 2 cute flower headbands (she could have made them clips if I wanted, too). Since I don't have my own adorable, little GIRL to wear them (yet), I sent them to a friend who has one daughter and another on the way. But before sending, I couldn't resist taking a few pictures on a live model - (don't show these to my husband!) haha

I can't tell if he is thrilled or not impressed by Mommy's use of girly props on his head.

My favorite is the one on the right - it's hard to tell in the photo, but the center petals are shiny sequins!

Mick - you better hope you have a sister someday who Mommy can dress up, otherwise you're in for a long life of fashionably fantastic finds just like this one!

Remember to stop by Posies and Petals' Etsy Shop to browse her other offerings and order a cute headband or clip for your own baby girl (or boy)! :)